Let's Have a REAL State Champion / by CTHoopsNews

As all of us know, college football made a drastic change in the format of their post-season structure. By forming a playoff that consisted of the 4 finest teams in the nation they created the first “actual” national champion.

Similar to the previous college football post season, the CIAC has a playoff that does not crown the undisputed champ. For those who aren’t familiar with Connecticut basketball, there are four classes that place schools based on how big the school population is. If a perennial powerhouse emerges from one of the lower classes, a set number of “students” will be added to the school’s total in attempt to move them to a higher class.

This is a chance to shift PROGRAMS to their rightful division, but in any given season one of those powerhouses may take shape. Since “LL” includes the largest schools in the state, people assume that the winner of that class is the top team. But why do we have to assume? Can’t the winners of each class face off to see who the real number 1 team in the state is? Would Mohegan Sun not benefit from packing their Arena two weekends in a row to find the undisputed champion?


Every Connecticut basketball player’s dream is to make it through, what people call, “The Run to The Sun”. They want their name called in a packed arena with the trophy on the line. However, with all of these private schools emerging in the CIAC, the talent in the smaller classes have started to grow, and public schools don't stand a chance.
In the 2014 class “S” tournament, Sacred Heart High School (Waterbury, CT) went on to WIN it all, lead by sophomore Pittsburgh commit Mustapha Heron. In 2012 Immaculate High School (Danbury, CT) beat Capitol Prep High School (Hartford, CT) with less than half the team actually coming from Danbury. These teams run through their brackets with no problem, and sometimes have competition in the final.

One year of dominance doesn’t warrant a change of division, but it shouldn’t leave them without a chance to prove how good they are. It is a disservice to our yearly state champions to just assume who’s the best, to just leaves people wondering “what if?”

Adding a “Tournament of Champions” would bring excitement to the high school post season as private schools CONTINUE to rise and attain the top players in their areas. If they had this tournament last year would Bridgeport Central High School (Bridgeport, CT) be able to shrug off Sacred Heart? We will never be able to know.

To have a banner in a school’s gymnasium saying “#1 Team in Connecticut” would be an honor for the players and coaching staff, the athletic director, and the student body.

Lets find out who the undisputed champion is.

By: Nate Rubinstein